Ethereal Skies

Lethe's Price
Episode 2

The Aeon team wake in a hospital facility which appears to be Czeveny General Hospital in Prague, but with no knowledge of how they arrived there. Having been told that they are on Earth again they react rather differently – getting very odd readings from the hospital tech Jamie beats up her doctor before trying to escape; Leah punches her doctor unconscious then escapes; worried by all the staffs’ bio-readings being identical Ash jumps over his doctor then locks her in his room; Machiko looks through the medical records, realizes there is nothing wrong with her and commandeers an intern to take her to his boss; Summer knows she has not moved and is somewhere within the Callisto dockyards and sets off to find the others while Nish realizes they are in a mindscape and drops out to see the true situation – the dockyard’s telepathic security chief Veronika is bleeding out on the floor and has created the mindscape in order to warn them of the traitor who is dropping warp beacons to allow the Cerberus teams to warp into the areas where they will do the most damage.

With Veronika’s knowledge of the traitor’s methods they find the warp beacon before in is flushed out into space and psychometry identifies the Aberrant sympanthiser – Emelia Van Der Hoven, a claims lawyer for ComStock Heavy Ores. Persuing Emilia as she tries to cripple Callisto’s medical response to the attacks by blowing up the main maglev tunnel, the team stop the maglev in transit and apprehend Emilia alive…


The Cerberus Gambit
Episode 1

In the Jovian colonies a farewell party for the Leviathan jump-ship Arcadia turns lethal as the ship powers up its jump engines while slingshoting round Jupiter – a move it is not supposed to initiate until nearly all the way to Neptune. The psychic shockwave hits Calisto and Io just as trios of feral Aberrants warp in explosive devices to both the Bubasti dockyards and the Mafaa-3 research station.

Not as badly affected as most of the psions in the colonies, a small team of Aeon Trinity recruited troubleshooters – Nishikanto Bhagat, Aaron Sebastian Hatch, Summer Winters, Jamie, Leah Hale and Machiko Chu – fight off the Aberrants at Mafaa-3 using the particle accelerator to push the quantum bomb out into the vacuum of space with no further casualties.

Calisto is not so lucky and while the baseline security staff and their Ministry security chief Veronika Stanek manage to get the explosive device out of civilian areas it still goes off within the dockyards causing massive amounts of damage.

That’s not the worst of the bad news – the implosion caused by the Arcadia jumping its huge mass while within Jupiter’s inner rings rips apart the minor moon Amalthea sending debris in all directions. Gaining control of the Tooci laser array the Aeon team minimise the damage to inhabited areas but huge chunks of Amalthea slam into both Ganymede and Europa.

As the Jovian colonists lick their wounds and count their dead the questions mount as to how such an event could have happened…



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