Ethereal Skies

Shiro No Hi

Episode 6

As the evening shifts take up their positions at the mine Ash, Leah and Machiko return to Kiremte City with their two prisoners, identified by the mine foreman as workers who had lived on Ganymede for years and never showed any signs of Aberrant sympathies. Scanning the two men Machiko discovers brain wave disruptions like those she found in Summer when the pilot was controlled by Shiro, the agent of the Narukami. On a much more intensive scan she also determines that both men are latents – one with an aptitude for electrokinesis and the other psychokinesis. Digging further into their work she discovers that a new iridium scanning monitor which required a similar neural interface to the Narukami had been installed a few days previously.

Back in Kiremte City Nish questioned the would-be bombers only to discover that they, too, were latents and had received new minicomps after winning scholarships from the Amano-Kelsan mining corp. The recruiting officer put prospective recruits through a battery of medical tests (claiming to see if they were fit enough to be sent to Titan) and strangely all of those sent a complementary minicomp were latents. After discounting two prospective recruits (a latent biokinetic and vitakinetic who both seemed to have enough minor power to resist the Yamabushi mind-control program) they found the forth – a latent upeo who set off the explosion at the waste treatment plant the day before and had survived, but with severe injuries.

A search by Jamie found a number of neurally linked pilot training simulators had also arrived on the freighter with the minicomps and the mining scanner. Reporting this back to Legion command. every pilot who has used the sim has been grounded for further investigation however this could not have come at a worse time as Summer reached out her senses from the recruiting officer’s business card only to view it’s past history of being handled by an Aberrant. Nish searching for it’s thought patterns brought alarming news that it wasn’t far away. Even more alarming was the warp gate opening in the centre of Kiremte City and three Aberrants stepping out along with three sets of Cerberus teams. The city’s inhabitants fled for the shelters as the Aberrants surveyed their new domain.




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