Ethereal Skies

Nidaba's Cage

Episode 3

Interrogating Emilia Van Der Hoven, the Aberrant sympathizer, gets Jamie and Ash only vague threats and the amusement of a fanatic mindset. She does let slip that her grandfather was a member of the Daedalus league and that any of her ancestors left with the Aberrants and that she expects to be rescued. In order to track down her escape route Nish sets up a jailbrake with Jamie, Summer and Leah pretending to break Emilia out. Once outside Bubasti station Emilia directs the shuttle to a group of prefab colony supply crates nestled in crater. There they discover a captive Upeo and his aberrant ‘handler’.

Destroying the crates by throwing them into Jupiter then returning to Callisto, Nish runs into a bureaucratic nightmare when the Upeo is identified as Lim Yi Khy, a member of the Vietnamese armed forces who disappeared several months before the Esperanza crash and is sworn to secrecy by Yolanda Nwaokorie who reveals herself as an Aeon operative. After Sn. Lt. Lim is woken by Machiko he immediately asks for Legion help to rescue the other Upeo who were captured at the same time he was. With the Legion informed Nish decides that the only way to ensure Lim isn’t assassinated or otherwise illegally incarcerated is to make his rescue public, calling a press conference and playing on public sympathy. Having made the Upeo a public hero, Nish is called in by his superiors who inform him that in two weeks time he’ll be in charge of hosting a conference – between representatives of the Orders and an emissary from Bolande Atwan herself.




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