Ethereal Skies

Kuro Ame

Episode 5

With the conference only a few days away Nish goes digging into the attendees. He finds that while most of the orders are sending the normal number of diplomats along the Legion is only sending Giselle Owusu and that the Norça are sending a variable number of people depending on when he checks the datafeed. Determined to make the meeting as neutral as possible he chooses a conference centre at Elimu University in Kirimte City on Ganymede as the hosting venue.

While checking over the site security protests start up around the university grounds against Psion monopolisation of the current political status quo. While Nish allows the protests to go ahead in the name of free speech Jamie tracks down the rabble rousing to a student anarchist node forum which is citing veiled threats against Ganymede infrastructure. As the protests increase and a general strike is proposed a magnesium strike at the Ongoka iridium mine 40 miles away ignites and a state of emergency is called. While Leah, Ash and Machiko are over at the mine helping to save the miners Nish and Summer have a polite but tense meeting with Javier Ossendan, a Norça who has arrived from Europa along with a 23 strong emergency rescue team. When another explosion goes off, this time at a water treatment facility being blockaded by protesters, killing several of them, Nish calls in a favour from Ossendan asking him to transmogrify into Nish’s form and organise the rescue effort while Nish tracks down the poster on the forum who telegraphed the explosion.

Nish and Summer follow the trail to the university’s humanties building and surprise the two students posting there, intimidating one into surrendering and shooting the other in the hand to stop him from going for a dead-man’s switch wired to another explosive device in his backpack. Jamie attempts to shut down the agent that is acting as the trigger mechanism only for her mental firewall to kick up as the agent fights back and refuses to stop the countdown, instead Summer loads up her shuttle and throws the device into space to explode harmlessly.

Over at the mine, while looking for survivors Ash detects a group moving through deep tunnels that shouldn’t exist, away from the mine working and the rescue effort. Moving to intercept the anomalous miners Ash and Leah come under immediate fire from the heavily armed group. The resulting firefight leaves only two prisoners alive with both Leah and Ash injured.




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