Ethereal Skies

Fragile Rest

Episode 8

Having determined the location of Summer’s vision – beneath the mine at Ongoka – the team race to secure the area before the occupant of the cryotube wakes. Taking a group of non-psionic legionaries they travel down the lava tubes that branch off from the mine workings and find the door to the sepulchre, though the technology for the DNA scanner on the door is so advanced even Jamie cannot bypass it. The door may be impassible but the wall isn’t and the Legion logistics specialist has stocked up on mining explosives for just this type of situation. Finding the cryotube inside, Leah accidentally accelerates the wake up call for the aberrant by knocking the pumps for the cryofluid. All hell breaks loose as the aberrant Chesed wakes and the team fight for their lives to give Lin enough time to return with enough mining explosive to rebury the chamber. The team just about scramble out of the way before they bring the weight of several hundred meters of rock down on top of it.




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