Welcome to OpNetJove, your portal to information about the new OBC holosim series ‘Ethereal Skies.’ GalileI/O will be your guide throughout the series ready with information about the episodes, people, places and general trivia.

Brought to you by the same channel that gave you ‘Strike Team Psion’ and ‘Jake Danger – Aberrant Hunter’, and from the director of ‘Shadowless Days’ and ‘Quest:Impossible’, ‘Ethereal Skies’ charts the actions of a small team thrown together after an Aberrant strike on a Jovian colony sets into motion events that will change the future of humanity.

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Random Notes

  • Any speculation that the fictional events in Ethereal Skies are an attempt to publicly document the classified CGEI-MAAT incident is banned from this site. Conspiracy theorists are not welcome here. *

Ethereal Skies

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