Nishikanto Bhagat

Aeon Telepath Public Relations Official


Aeon Telepath working for their diplomatic office
Minor psychometric talents
5’8", of Indian heritage.


A former detective in the Luna Special Investigation Unit, Nishikanto Bhagat made the case of his career by finding the killer of a Qin on Luna. His career backfired when his sense of justice and integrity led to him pushing a case which led to the uncovering of corruption within the Luna government and nearly all the Orders. After the suicide of a high ranking suspect Nish was taken off the case which was quietly buried, along with his career prospects. The Aeon came calling, offering him a job and testing him for noetic potential, revealing his talent for Telepathy. After a year or so of mid level bureaucracy in the diplomatic office he wrote THE LETTER, saying that he was sure he could handle something a bit more challenging. Within a week he had been transferred to field work and dropped up in the heavens on Callisto. Now, with the possibility of a first contact situation on Europa he has been assigned a team…

Nishikanto Bhagat

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