Jamie MacDonald

Orgotek Xenotechnologist


Orgotek aligned Electrokinetic with minor Adaptation talents.
Mauritian and of mixed race heritage.
Small and slight, not quite reaching 5’


Records for Jamie MacDonald are mostly sealed or non-existent. Even Orgotek isn’t completely sure what her real name is and she has several on file with different departments. What they do know is that she tested positive for Electrokinetic potential while visiting Windhoek on a grand walkabout of the UAN. While she trained with Orgotek in their southern African OpNet Node she also bounced around a few other departments until no-one really knew who she worked for. Rumours of her being an Internal Auditor abound but her real interests have yet to be pinned down. She just claims to be on Walkabout through life and that she’ll find the place she belongs eventually.

Jamie MacDonald

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