Aaron Sebastian Hatch

Former 2nd Legion Biokinetic Burnout


Biokinetic with minor Empathic talents.
New Zealander, Caucasian with a blond buzzcut. 6’ and solidly built.
Refered to by small children as ‘the scary man’.


Once a career legionnaire Aaron Sebastian Hatch (Ash to his comrades) enlisted at age 18 then spent a year’s tour as the only baseline in an otherwise psionic unit having been tested for noetic ability and told he was not suitable. On his return from his first year’s tour a routine medical revealed a hitherto unsuspected potential for Biokinesis and much to the Legion’s surprise the Norça agreed to awaken Ash’s Biokinetic talents. Four months later (of which Ash will not say a word) he returned from the Norça and was placed on active duty until a horrific aberrant attack in Myanmar left him as one of the only two survivors of a garrison of over a hundred. Officially diagnosed with PTSD Ash mustered out on health grounds and headed as far from Myanmar as he could manage.

Aaron Sebastian Hatch

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