Ethereal Skies

Wax Wings

Episode 7

The Aberrants appear confused that they are not welcomed with open arms by Kiremte’s population until Jamie steps forward. Pretending to be a good little Aberrant cultist she stalls for time while Summer, who has slipped into the docking bay before the electricity failed, reroutes a ship mayday broadcast unit and contacts the Legion to inform them of the Aberrant incursion. Commander Owosu dispatches an imminent rescue mission. Having noticed that the bark covered Aberrant Minggah becomes distracted when the lichen covering the dome is damaged Summer starts stealthily running a spiral of aeronautical fuel through the lichen.

Inside the dome the angelic Aberrant Sabazius orders two of his ‘loyal cultists’, Machiko and Nish, to round up some mining engineers, sending a Cerberus team with them for protection. Twisting Sabazius’ orders the two of them trick the Cerberus team into entering an empty shelter in the hydroponics unit and lock them in. They then meet up with Leah who has been collecting a heavy duty mining laser from the fabrication warehouse to take on the Aberrants with. Having got to an isolated area Nish contacts the Norça emergency rescue team who begin to infiltrate into the city through the docking bay.

Playing ‘good cultist’ Ash lets slip that the Norça had been seen at a mining site earlier that day worrying the Aberrants. Minggah takes one of the Cerberus teams and heads out of the city to investigate just as a Legion shock team is teleported into the bomb-wrecked shell of the waste treatment works by Lim Yi Khy. Spooked the knowledge that the Norça were sniffing around ’Father’s Chrysalis’ the aberrant Aldinach lets loose a code that should have triggered any Shiro infected civilians in the city – or it would have had it not been intercepted by Jamie. Getting back only a nonsensical answer Aldinach becomes infuriated that ‘the Mercenary’ has betrayed them.

With the Aberrants loosing their composure the trap is sprung.

Machiko brings back a group of ‘engineers’ (disguised legionnaires) along with their ‘Cerberus team’ (the Norça shapeshifters Yasmin, Enrico and Alejandro) as Ash leads off with the last Cerberus team to appropriate transport for his ‘masters’ and Lim teleports Leah and Nish onto the minaret of Kiremte’s mosque to give them the best line of fire across the city. Summer lights the fuel on the top of the dome which burns briefly but brightly in Ganymede’s thin atmosphere, distracting Sabazius and Aldinach but completely incapacitating Minggah. Machiko grabs Sabazius’ hand, paralyzing him arm and forcing him into the air. A surprise shot from Leah’s mining laser hits Aldinach with pinpoint accuracy, killing him instantly, however the backlash from the electricity released by his death throes kills all five of the Legion shock troops. Ash kills his Cerberus team with lightning efficiency while the three Norça jump for the remaining Aberrant. This proves to be a really bad idea as he pours out his energy into a demonic construct of pure taint which nullifies the biokinetics’ powers by its sheer presence. Alejandro is killed while Machiko and Jamie rig the emergency lighting to a frequency which triggers seizures in Sabazius. This distraction allows Ash up close to the Aberrant, cutting it down and delivering the killing blow. Outside Summer uses the low gravity and the last of the fuel to burn Minggah until she is nothing but charcoal.

Licking their wounds, the team take a quiet moment to have their wounds bandaged. While there Summer throws out her senses to the area the Aberrants were interested in and moves down through the mines eventually arriving at a buried stone chamber containing a large, liquid-filled stasis chamber marked with the symbol of the Daedelus League and a countdown which is flashing away at 00:00:00




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