Ethereal Skies

Almas Perdidas

Episode 9

At the wake for the Legionnaires and Alejandro, Ash is invited to Gelo Cidade – the I.C.E. managed industrial complex on Europa – by Yasmin Carreňo. Distrustful as always, Ash accepts but makes sure the invitation is extended to the rest of the Aeon team. As Nish heads off criticism from the press that Ganymede obviously isn’t safe enough for the conference, the rest slip off to Europa landing at the spaceport. Seeing UV messages painted on the wall of the hanger corridors for Ash to read, Leah creates a diversion by being her normal bouncy vid personality allowing Jamie to hack into the I.C.E. servers and locate the prearranged meeting point.

Meeting Yasmin, Ash recieves a datastick of info about ‘La Buraco’, one of the fully fledged Norça undersea Europa bases which is being attacked by the indigenous wildlife. Yasmin wants the information to be leaked by Nish as she does not think the Norça can extract all the colonists before the base is destroyed – especially now Yasmin and Esteban are badly injured. However, Norça command are refusing to ask for help from the other orders as this will reveal that they have sucessfully placed two fully functional seabases beneath Europa’s ice crust. With all the publicity from the rescue of Ganymede Yasmin believes that the other Jovian colonies will be willing to help no matter what.

Summer projects down the wrecked borehole to the colony to see the precarious situation which is getting worse by the minute. Back on Ganymede Nish puts out a clarion call to the emergency services, publicising the horrific fate that awaits the colonists of La Buraco if they cannot be rescued.

While the media go into a frenzy Ash retires to a quiet corner to check out the other datastick Yasmin provided…




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